Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1

Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 it is the oldest and largest terminal in Frankfurt Airport. It has been undergoing in several occasions, especially its concourses. It can handle over 50 million passengers per year.

Terminal 1 is primarily used by Lufthansa. It hosts international and domestic flights worldwide. It hosts concourses A, B, C and Z and has 103 gates.

Transport between terminals

To transfer between the airport terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are adjacent each other and connected via Skyline monorail (departing every 2-3 minutes) and by a free shuttle bus (every 20 minutes).


Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 is divided into 4 levels as it follows:

- Underground Level: Find here the access to the Regional Railway Station and to the underground multilevel parking.

- First Level: The Arrivals Level. Find also here the Ground Transportation Centre (bus terminal, shuttle bus stop, car rental desk, taxi ranks). Find also in this level the baggage claim and check-in facilities.

- Second Level: The Departures Level. Access to C gates and connected D and E gates of Terminal 2. Other services offered to passengers: help desk.

- Third Level: Several services and amenities are offered: information counter, travel market, security checks for A & Z gates, B gates and C gates.

- Fourth Level: Food Plaza. Find here food and drink amenities.

Frankfurt Terminal 1 is connected to Concourse A, B, C and Z:

- Concourse A: Can be accessed via level 3 by a tunnel. It is split in different levels: First level (baggage), Second level (Schengen traffic), Third level (departing non-Schengen traffic, by Z gates) and fourth level (arriving non-Schengen traffic).

- Concourse B: Access to gates B1 to B59. Its pier connects to B19, which at the same time connects with A and Z gates.

- Concourse C: Find it on level 3, nearby the Medical Services and the Travel Market. Access to gates C1 to C9 (left) and gates C13 to C20.


See in the following link the airlines operating in Terminal 1.
See the Airlines in Terminal 1


The services offered in Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 are:

- Pharmacy
- Wheelchair renting service
- Disabled access
- Lost & found
- Baggage claim
- Baggage wrapping
- Shopping boulevard
- Recharge Stations
- Free Wi-Fi connection
- Rest Area
- Silent Chairs
- Children’s Play Areas
- Strollers
- Parents rooms
- Left luggage
- Gaming World
- Airport Clinic
- Travel Market
- Airport Conference Centre
- Care Service
- ATMs
- Banks
- Entertainment Gate
- Federal Police Service Centre
- Global Blue
- Green waiting islands
- Meeting points
- Information booth
- Help Point
- Currency Exchange
- Prayer room (Jewish, Muslim)
- Meeting point
- My Cloud Transit Hotel
- Showers
- Toilets
- Welcome Centre
- Yoga Room
- Airline lounges
- Green waiting islands