Frankfurt Airport Terminals

The First airport in Frankfurt was founded in 1909, it was called Airship Base at Rebstock and it was located in Bockenheim. After WWI it was extended. In 1926, due to the high demand of civilian air travel, there were plans to build a new and larger airport, but the Great Depression strike. In 1936, the new Frankfurt Airport opened as a commercial airport.

During WWII, the airport was exclusively for military use and in 1945 the US military took control of the airport after the German surrender.

In the upcoming years, Frankfurt Airport underwent several expanding and upgrading works: In 1972 the first terminal was built, in 1994 the second terminal was opened and since 2011 there have been made further developments.

Frankfurt Airport is composed by two passenger terminals, 1 and 2, and a first class terminal exclusively by Lufthansa.

Present & Future

The third terminal is under construction. It is expected to be completely operative by 2022 and be able to handle over 15 million more passengers per year.

Transfer between terminals

To transfer between the airport terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are adjacent each other and connected via Skyline monorail (departing every 2-3 minutes) and by a free shuttle bus (every 20 minutes).

Terminal 1

Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 is the oldest and largest terminal. Primarily used by Lufthansa, it hosts both international and domestic flights. The terminal is divided into 4 levels: The Underground level (Railway station and parking), First level (the Arrivals level), Second level (the Departures level), Third level (access to boarding gates) and Fourth level (Food court).

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Terminal 2

Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 hosts both international and domestic flights. The terminal is divided into 2 levels as it follows: Ground level (Baggage claim) and First level (boarding gates).

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Lufthansa First Class Terminal

This terminal is exclusive for first class passengers of Lufthansa. It is located nearby Terminal 1 and only first class passengers of both Lufthansa and HON Circle are allowed to access. It can handle over 300 passengers per day. Regarding services, it has individualised security screening and other facilities (valet parking, lounge, office, exclusive restaurant, smoking room and bubble baths. Passengers are transferred to their flight by a luxury car.